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The Bunnietasse is a Reminding Factor

I am committed to bringing as much understanding and peace to this world as I can. in my twenty-plus years of learning about my psychology and trauma, one of the most important things I’ve learned is the vital role of reminding factors.

These were for three friends who wanted a Bunnietasse, but also a Kittietasse and a Mousietasse!

A reminding factor is something that takes you out of yourself, even for just a second–long enough for you to remember that what’s going on in your head isn’t the whole of reality. Long enough to make a different choice. Long enough to snap your fingers and say, “Oh right! Today I’m working on remembering to notice what I’m really feeling when I want to chew the inside of my cheek.”

I truly feel these companions are a culmination of all the work I’ve done and the best way I’ve found to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn about successfully working with mental health.

Embroidery! It’s hard (really hard) in such a small space, but, I discovered, do-able!

For example, the Bunnietasse.

The process of creating the Bunnietasse is a reminding factor in itself for me. It took me weeks to create and perfect the pattern for the Bunnietasse. It takes me hours and hours to create each one!

Each act of creation is intentional. Crafting a Bunnietasse is my meditation–the only kind of meditation I’ve found that works for me. I count every single stitch, and I send love and acceptance into every centimeter of yarn that goes into each one. By doing this, I get a chance to have some distance from what’s constantly going on in my head and I can take a look at it in a much less tense environment.

Can you tell I love bright colors? A far cry from my teenage self, who wore only black!

When you bring a Bunnietasse home, you hold a physical representation of my connection to my commitment to healing myself, and to each and every person I make a Bunnietasse for.

The pages that come with your companion are a distillation of over twenty years of learning how to create a space to live with my psychology, learning to love myself and my thoughts and work with them instead of hating my anxiety, complex PTSD, and depression.

And each hand-crafted Bunnietasse comes with the story of how Bunnietasses came to be and insight into how to work with your Bunnietasse and use them as reminding factors on your mental health journey. Both these pages are on the website as well, in case you lose them!

All of these reasons are why Bunnietasses are $150 each. I’m not just sending you a stuffed animal! I’m sending you an emissary from me to you, a work of intentional art, a talisman on our journeys toward a more perfect understanding of ourselves.

As I told my students when I taught high school English, everyone is suffering, and we have no idea what anyone else’s life is like. Because of this, no one has the right to cause more suffering. Bunnietasses are my way of reaching out and alleviating as much suffering as I can.

I see you, and I know it’s hard.

Remember to have hope. We walk this path together.