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How to Use Your Companion

The very first Bunnietasse!

I’m serious when I say these pieces are companions.

Companions serve as a reminding factor in your life. They are there to help you remember your intentions around your mental health every single day. Whatever plan you make to heal yourself, your companion is a visual reminder of that intention. This is what makes your companion a true living piece of art.

For me, one of the many things I have to remember is to breathe. This sounds funny—isn’t that just built in to being alive? Well, not for me! I’ve come to realize that I just sip air. I breathe barely enough to survive, and not nearly enough to give my body the amount of oxygen it needs actually to function. This makes me tired. It also makes it harder to get out of bed, harder to think, harder to be motivated to do anything—it’s incredible the impact that one little thing has on my entire life! So I literally need a reminder to breathe in such a way that I’m taking care of myself, and not living in a body that’s constantly in survival mode.

Every Bunnietassse is Kitten Approved!

What do you need to remember to do today to be your best self? What intention or goal do you have for your own well-being? Your companion is here to help, here to support you on that path, and help you succeed! Every time your eyes land on your companion, reinforce your dedication to your intention. Do your intention. And then hug your companion, run your fingers over them, whatever you want to do to tie your intention firmly to your journey!

The raw ingredients for…

Companions are symbolic of all of our struggles toward authenticity and self-love and self-knowledge. These companions exist to bring us all into a world where our struggles aren’t just real–they’re celebrated! Look as us, taking such good care of ourselves!

We walk this path together. I’m right here next to you.

…Bunnietasses for siblings! Of couerse, they are EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE. If you’re a sibling, you know why. : D

Please let me know how you and your Bunnietasse are doing! If you post on Instagram or anywhere else, use the hashtags #bunnietasse and #companionsart and make sure to @companionsart to show the Bunnietasse family all the places you take your friend!